Salutations All!

My apologies for not sharing a bit more of the content I find interesting, or point of opinion to consider.Considering that it seems to be harder to conduct a critical look at the opinions, platforms, or analyses of various people/groups/organizations because of the businesses hosting content that go into a self-moderation mode for those aforementioned groups and policing those conversations.I have had a wonderful time on my journey in APAC from Singapore and now in Australia (that I visited previously in 2016).I do love experiencing hearing new languages and cultures. I do have to admit that I was not prepared for the equitorial heat and humidity of Singapore. I burned quite well on my first day walking about the area and immediately headed to the first shop offering sunscreen at 120 SPF (not a joke, they also offered at 180 SPF as well). Clarke Quay is an interesting area with a unique transformation in Riverpoint between day life and the nightlife. Clubs, bars, eateries all seem to come more alive with music and people. I must have visited at least 8 different bars in a half-circle of Riverpoint (all great drinks by the way).Food was fantastic regardless of what time of day it was. Since I love Asian cuisine anyway, having more authentic recipes than the States was absolute heaven.I leave some pictures here of Singapore and I hope you enjoy them.

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Nothing to see here....just a simple human examining the world; it's thoughts and ideas so I can make up my own mind.
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