My Guilty Pleasure

I am a video game junkie.  Every since I was given an Atari 2600 on my birthday in pre-adolescence, I have been hooked.  From the NES, Super NES, original PlayStation, original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC I have been playing video games for years.  My absolute home away in the home, work therapy, steam release, and obsessive completion fervor have been laid out into a digital world.   To clarify:  I don’t do MMO’s, FPS, or any online cooperative shenanigans.  I have a certain real world and digital world Agoraphobia that I consistently exude.  Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, Mass Effect, The Witcher, MTG…single player RPG or simulation games are my jam.  I get to either create or destroy in an imaginary world without restraint or censure.  I have enough games to the point where I’ll play one for so long that I forget where I was nor how the controller works in the previous game.  Thus, where my obsessive qualities come through in weekend and/or off work grinding through to the point I lose interest and move on to the next waste of time.

Not to say that is a resounding statement to how life should be lived….it’s simply my apathetic slice.

About Laj'Orem

Nothing to see here....just a simple human examining the world; it's thoughts and ideas so I can make up my own mind.
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