Did I Miss Something?

I am tired of every time I turn around, there is some news story that is attempting to emotionally manipulate me into a position that favors their point of view.  Regardless of the source of material, there is a subjective connotation that I need no relevant evidentiary data to support the conclusion, rather, I should solely go on the statement as given.

That is not how I operate.  I am an emotional being with the self-awareness that tells me that I need to back up when charged statements or stands in text tug my strings.  I decided some time ago that if I really feel strongly on a subject, that I need to take in all inputs on the issue from multiple avenues and then make up my mind as to whether I wish to engage a means of actively working the problem/action/support/feedback.

There is so much non-iterative engagement to our social intelligences, if you decide to request more information on a “hot topic”, that the villagers begin chasing you with torches because you must be supporting the opposition’s side if you simply won’t fall in line with the rest of the F-Troup group-think.

This is a very dangerous precedent in which to live.  The moment we start to have segments of the populace whose power supplants the ability for critical thought and debate, then the very foundation of our infrastructure begins to crumble.  Our ability to retain the principle of civil discourse hangs in tatters as those whose emotional candor must be validated steer an overly zealous stance on principle issues that have been in the mix for a number of decades.

After my near 48 years of existing on this planet, in this continent, and in this country:  I will not be told by anyone/group/government how to speak my mind and in what context in any/with particular situation/group/individual.  I can learn/adapt/grow into those situations on my own as I have done for many years.

But enough of my soap-boxing, babble-speak…good evening to all.




About Laj'Orem

Nothing to see here....just a simple human examining the world; it's thoughts and ideas so I can make up my own mind.
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